Queer Self-Defense Fund

This blog is an ode to resistance and is run by a qtpoc. These pages contain images and stories involving graffiti, public sex, defending you and yours, breaking shit, protesting, surviving, self love, confronting those who've got it coming, reading and shade, and general badassery in the face of oppression. You will also find accessories with a violent aesthetic, call outs, petitions, info about oppression, calls to action, and donation/assistance requests from queer and trans people experiencing marginalization on multiple axes and/or crisis.

Submit your pictures, art, advice, anecdotes, fiction or nonfiction, as long as it's vicious. We also post and accept stuff that isn't specifically queer, but that is about marginalized folk fighting back against their oppressors. Your submission won't be posted if your project is all white, is an all inclusive trans* project that is completely afab, links grrlhood with vaginas, ovaries, etc(cuz that shit's transmisogynist, y'all), or promotes nonconsensual sexual violence.

If we post or reblog something of yours and you would like us to take it down, please let us know.

If you want to have a serious conversation, please don't try to do it anonymously. I won’t be upset with you and I won’t publish our conversation if you don’t want me to. I just don’t want to indulge in long arguments with anonymous folk on this page.

The Queer Self Defense Fund is a project meant to assist broke queers and trans people with obtaining pepper spray and other self defense items by request.

Send an ask if you need free pepper spray. We will be sending them out as donations come in, prioritizing queer and trans poc and people with disabilities. We need proof that you’re 18, and we have to follow these rules.

5th March 2013

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Ultraviolent © Riley Konor

(17.5” by 33” melted crayons, glitter, sharpies on corrugated cardboard)

$30 + shipping (PAYPAL ONLY)

Contact me at rileykonor@yahoo.com with questions. I am open to trade also.

All proceeds that are collected will go towards my top surgery fund.

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